Watch complete kevin gates viral video trend on twitter and instagram story

On Sunday, May 8th, the 37-year-old ‘2 Phones’ singer shared a video of a seemingly random woman giving birth from a standing position.

Gates captioned the video with: “The most beautiful thing on earth is the gift of life [folded hands emoji] [heart hands emoji].”

Fans of the star immediately thought that it was Gates’s wife Dreka Haynes, who he has two children with, in the video except it wasn’t.

According to Pink Villa, the video was shared in April and features a woman named Kendra who was giving birth. The caption for the video states: “In celebration of black maternal health week, Kendra is sharing her birth video and she offers this wisdom from this amazing birth experience.”

However, despite it not being Gates’s other half people were still shocked to see such graphic content on Instagram and urged others not to go and look at it, which they naturally did.






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