Recently, an extremely disturbing video of a person putting a cat in a blender has gone viral on all the social media platforms including Twitter and TikTok. After the video has made its rounds on the Internet, many are now wondering who exactly the person behind the disturbing video is. What are their intentions for doing such a thing? Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it looks like there is good news about this after all. Users on TikTok claim that the person responsible has been identified and arrested.

Internet users have been responding to the film as it circulates online. A number of internet users lamented the video. Many people expressed how traumatized they were to witness the cat being beaten in the blender. Many online users kept spreading the video to spread awareness of animal cruelty. The clip’s widespread distribution, meanwhile, appears to be doing more harm than good. Many people expressed outrage over the video and their inability to comprehend why anyone would intentionally harm innocent animals. Many online users wished that the person responsible for the video would be made to answer for thei